Bio & Credits


Gabriel at work

abriel Marquez is a native of Houston, Texas, whose interest in art stemmed from an early love for fantasy and horror movies such as King Kong, Frankenstein, and Jaws. Like many in the garage kit hobby, Gabriel was particularly taken with the wonderful creations of master stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen.


Gabriel's roots as a sculptor began in childhood, when he used modeling clay to create toys and creatures he couldn't find elsewhere. After high school, he became serious about the artistic pursuits of sculpting, drawing and painting. He discovered the garage kit hobby in 1989, and his love for these kits and action figures led to him to pursue sculpting as a career. He worked as a semipro sculptor for about five years, doing electrical work to pay the bills.

Slowly but surely his work began to gain recognition and awards, including two prestigious Gold Awards (for his "River Bottom Blackheart" and "Nina Blood Drop") from the Wonderfest model and toy convention in Louisville, Kentucky. With the assistance of his wonderful wife Terri he founded his own sculpting company, Gwin Sculpture Works, in early 1998. Gabriel's first professional sculptures were model prototypes for Vector Models and Janus Company, and not long after, Gabriel broke into the action figure market as well, sculpting prototypes for McFarlane Toys' high-profile Spawn, Movie Maniacs, and X-Files series.

Since then, Gabriel has worked for companies such as The Franklin Mint, Palisades Marketing, Moore Creations, GeoMetric, Artistic License Productions, Filmland Figures, Daniel Mark Fay Productions, Boston's Creature Feature Productions, Ron Landis, Dan Perez Studios, Streamline Pictures Model Works, Vector Models and created a variety of personal commission sculptures.


Gabriel admires and collects the work of many other sculptors, including Yuji Oniki, Taishiro Kiya, Takayuki Takeya, Mark Newman and Thomas Kuntz. His own sculpting style emphasizes anatomic accuracy, evocative poses, subtle skin, clothing and surface textures, and dead-on likenesses. Gabriel's associates are often astonished at the speed with which he sculpts. He is adept in sculpting in a variety of media, including the polymer clay Super Sculpey, Castoline and other sculpting waxes, as well as plastalina and other oil clays. He uses a variety of store-bought and homemade sculpting tools.

Gabriel's future plans for Gwin Sculpture Works are "to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and artistry, do the widest possible variety of work and to have fun doing it."